My biggest fear

was that upon "completion" of the project that there would be outstanding things and that we would never be able to reach you to get them fixed. But when the final inspection was done, it was really done. It was such a nice feeling. And everything looks great. As you know Paul was in construction for seven years and we are both so happy with the outstanding quality of the work. I love my new rooms. Now that it is all completed, it just makes me wonder, how did we ever get along without a garage?

But it isn't just the work already done, I am very happy to know that if there is a problem, we can call you. With your quality work, Integrity and good sense of humor, I expect you will be in business for a long time to come. Thank you for always getting back to me. I hope this letter conveys how happy we are with the whole package. Please let me know if we could ever serve as a reference for you.


Jennifer and Paul Johnson
Dear Dave,

This letter has been a long time in coming. Things tend to get a little busy around the house lately! But I hope that you believe as I do that it is never to late to say "Thank You".

When we first began the project of adding a garage with a bedroom and bath above it, I was very leery. When we built our house, we had many problems and headaches with the builder. There are things that were never made right by closing time, but since the company has since gone out of business, we had with them ourselves. Thus justifying the fear of contractors and big projects! I have to say that from our first meeting you, you really helped change my opinion.

You listened and allowed us to tell you what we needed. You came back with plans and ideas and gave us your professional opinion. You never lost sight of who you were doing the job for. You were always respectful, and had a sense of humor, as did most of the subcontractors that came into the house. This was very Important to me with three kids (at the time) and two more on the way. You and your other workers did little things that were big to me. You took off your boots when walking through the house. And you did your best to keep things a little quieter at naptime. I wasn't worried when I was home alone with the kids and you or the contractors you chose were working upstairs.

I know that there were bumps in the road and problems that we encountered, but the most important thing was that you handled them. When the windows weren't quite right, you brought a sales rep for the company to examine it and get them to send a new one.

Problems weren't problems for long.
Dear Dave,

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the great job you did on our new slider; and I'd remiss if I forgot to mention the new windows, roof repairs, and other jobs you've done for us in the past. Your work is exemplary!

As a realtor, I'm constantly hearing from my customers and clients that they can't find a good contractor or even one that will return there calls. Its impressive to them that I can call someone from Massachusetts who will come to Rhode Island, and is able to get the job done in time for the closing. I've heard nothing but good things them about the quality of your work and fair pricing.

As always, I will continue to refer my customers and clients to you, and hope you will do the same.

Best Wishes,

Lynda Giarrusso
Hey Dave

I just wanted to say thanks again for doing a great job! Every thing was great… it was so nice to come home and see how much you guys got done in one day and not to mention the place was so nice and clean.

Your Workmanship is awesome and your prices are reasonable I can see why everybody wants: Helstrom Construction!!!

Thanks again,

Bob Joost
Hi Dave,

I want to compliment you on the job you did for us with building our home. As you will recall, it is a ranch style home in northwest Rhode Island. We have been in the home for nearly 3 years now and have had time to find out what a good job that Helstrom Construction was involved in. My wife and I appreciated the contacts you put us in touch with and the arrangements you made with the associate or sub-contractors as well. You were able to take our ideas and formulate them into a home. Helstrom Construction has proven to us that skill is what you get when you hire someone with the experience this company brings with it. Thank you again for a job well done!


Bill and Libby Donaldson